About Us

What we do

The Pie Guide is a leading provider of specialist road network information. We publish high-quality customized printed maps for specific road users and their unique needs. As well as the creator of online mapping and routing portals for different road user type.  These include: 




We have been sponsored and supported by leading names that include: Piaggio, Highways Agency, VW, Mercedes Benz Trucks, DirectGov, TfL, RHA, FTA & London Councils. 

Our Story

The Pie Guide started in 2004, when our founder, Freddie Talberg, took to the streets of London on his motorbike for sixty-two consecutive nights to survey every bike parking-bay in the capital. Freddie identified the need to create special guides for motorcyclists, cyclists, lorry and van drivers, and blue badge holders. 

Our values

We believe that all road users deserve and need informed guidance based purely on their own mode of transport rather than being clubbed together as like all other maps.