The London Bike Guide 3rd Edition

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Essential riders kit

The London Bike Guide offers motorcycle and scooter riders everything they need to make their journeys in London quick, safe and free.

This is a pocket sized customised street atlas. It uses a high quality Collins base map of Zone 1 & 2.

It maps out:

  • All dedicated bike parking bays
  • All car parks permitting bikes in Central London, showing which are discounted and free for bikers
  • Bus lanes, showing those that can and can't be used by motorbikes
  • Red route parking bays
  • Parking options at London airports
  • Locations of petrol stations
  • Locations of all the dealerships, servicing centres and training schools.


This is the first publication ever to map out the bus lane and traffic monitoring cameras, colour-coding all speed cameras to warn riders of accident hotspots.

Now on its third edition, the London Bike Guide is bigger and better than ever.

This is a must-have for all London’s bikers.


The London Bike Guide is sponsored by Piaggio