Seatbelt Reacher - Grab & Pull

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The Grab and Pull seat belt reacher is a convenient handle which attaches to your seatbelt easily to make it easier to pull it around when putting the belt on. It is great for people with Arthritis, Shoulder pain or limited mobility that makes grabbing the seatbelt difficult or uncomfortable. The Grab & Pull is easy to fit and requires no tools and can be used time and time again. Simply find a comfortable position for it on the shoulder belt and snap closed the base over the belt with the loop pointing in towards the body. It can be used on either side and can be removed for use in more than one vehicle.

  • Fits all standard seatbelts.
  • Can be used on either side.
  • Removable, can be used in more than one vehicle.
  • Length of strap including base: 23cm (9")
  • Length of strap from base: 15cm (6")