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Our publishing arm focuses on delivering quality printed maps to end users that are customised for specific driving communities and their unique needs. This team is a focused unit who work closely with end users to understand what is essential for their day to day journey planning.


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As a leading provider of Blue Badge Guides, products and bespoke mapping solutions you can rest assured that customer service is high on our list of priorities. We are dedicated to providing our customers with essential information to make getting to your destination a breeze. We can help you to avoid operator fines and supply you with Blue Badge Parking Aids to help you enjoy your trip.

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Community Mapping  Community Mapping

We specialise in the Disability, Motorbike/Scooter and the Freight industry.  We create our own customised mapping solutions both as paper guides and as free offline mapping services.  Our maps are loaded with lots of relevant and essential information relating to our different road using communities.

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UK Airport Parking
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In 2006 PIE was commissioned by Directgov to provide a website aimed solely more »